Style Sampler

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Text and built-in block styles

Text styles and built-in block styles are described in this page; layout examples are provided on separate pages.

This documentation primarily shows Gutenberg examples because of the theme-specific customization; we didn’t modify the classic editor’s interactions.

This page provides examples of text styles and built-in blocks, but doesn’t change layouts.

For additional ways to lay out text and images within a page, see the Page Layouts examples, including the Alignment and Column sampler.

Text styles (both editors)

These are the different types of text styles that come with this template.

This is a basic paragraph. Here is a link to nowhere. This shows a visited link to this current page (since you are already here). Use a bold portion of any sentence to draw attention. You might also want to use italics to show some emphasis.

Heading 2

Above is the h2 heading. It is styled to be bold.

Heading 3

Above is the h3 heading. It is styled to be bold.

Heading 4

Above is the h4 heading. It is styled to be bold.

Heading 5

Above is the h5 heading. It is styled to be bold.

  • list one
  • another item
  • this is three!
  • with a link

Quotation blocks

This quote style is available in both editors:

This is a quote block for a direct quote.

Here is where you cite the source of the quote.

This quote style is Gutenberg-only:

Pullquote block of content.

Citation goes here.

Tables (Both editors)

Tables are available in both editors, and in, the TablePress plugin allows many additional features. However, the basic styles are presented here.

Standard table example

This is an example of the table style labeled “Default.”
In Gutenberg, the headings are turned on in the block controls to the right.

Striped table example

AA1A2 A3
FooterFooter 1Footer 2Footer 3
This is an example of the table style labeled “Stripes.”
In Gutenberg, both headings and footers are turned on in the Block controls to the right.

Media and Text block (Gutenberg only)

This is a Media and Text block.

It can be added as a block from the + item. Unlike columns, where you can choose which items are placed on which side, a Media and Text block always has the media on the left. See the Personal Profile – Media and Text example page for an example with regular content.