v2.1.1 is a bugfix release. Primary changes are fixes for font sizes and other styles so that styles set in the visual editor correctly persist to the published version of a page. This applies to all blocks that allow setting of font size and style.


Version 2.1 of the University of Illinois WordPress theme introduces three new WordPress Blocks (and a few blocks related to them):

  • The Hero Block
  • The Clickable Card Block (and Clickable Card Deck)
  • The Accordion Block (and Accordion Deck)

The 2.1 release also includes a host of minor bugfixes, many related to harmonizing formatting options made available in the WordPress editor with the new University of Illinois Web Components 2.0 toolkit.css that was added in the 2.0 release of this theme. This release also increases the parity between the page/post display while editing content in the WordPress Block Editor and the final rendered view of the page.


Version 2.0 of the Illinois Web Theme for WordPress brings a host of modified styling to your site. Thanks to the Web Components Toolkit version 2.0, it incorporates a lot of improvements to page layout and readability. In addition to upgrading the look and feel of your content, the 2.0 release of the WordPress Theme presents several new highlights, including:

Header: Design and Featured Links

The header section spans the full browser width with the gray navigation bar. You can now add links to the upper right-hand portion of the header (above the search tool). These links will also show up in the menu (after your site navigation, if you have any) on mobile/narrow viewport width devices. This feature can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Settings > Header Links.

Footer: Social Media (and related) icon links

You can now add links to your social media (and related) platform profiles. Just add the URL for your profile page on that platform, and the web components will handle automatically linking the service and corresponding icon. This feature can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Settings > Social Media and Similar Services.

Footer, Footer Sections, Navigation Elements

You can now add Navigation Elements (a stylized list of links with a heading) as well as freeform content (now labeled Freeform Sections) to Footer Sections. This feature can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Settings > Footer Sections. Each Footer section now offers the choice between Freeform Sections or Navigation Elements.

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1.1.4 Major Changes include

  • Support for “browser screen width” blocks that break out of the theme’s normal page boundaries to go all the way to the edge of the screen
  • New Options for Featured Images in Pages and Posts. In the Block Editor options for Page > U of I Theme Options you may now choose to set the alignment of your featured image to: Full Page Width, Full Screen Width, Left Aligned, right Aligned
  • New options for alignment on all blocks that support the block Alignment feature (e.g. Image blocks) to: Wide Width (the full page width) and Full Width (browser screen width).
  • Multiple improvements to the layout of search results and category pages (category, keyword and by date lists)
  • Increased harmonization of the layout view in the Block Editor and the rendered content.
  • Mega menu down/up chevron toggles properly

Full details of all changes are available in the git repo for this project: https://github.com/web-illinois/wptheme_university_of_illinois_2020


  • removed some excessive logging from megamenu
  • implemented skip-to from the official CDN
  • added a dashboard notice for when a new version of the theme is available
  • Coverblock updates so that color choices show up in both the preview and published version
  • default styling added for quote block
  • Customizer has been updated to remove options and point users at the theme settings.
  • Media & Text block now correctly displays selected colors
  • The header component has been updated to use new features provided upstream
  • minor refactoring


This is the initial release of the University of Illinois 2020 WordPress theme. This theme incorporates all of the 2020 University of Illinois branding and marketing updates (including leveraging the U of I Web Components). Designed initially for use on the publish.illinois.edu service, this theme is made available for use on or with any University of Illinois WordPress site.

More information about how this theme behaves and what features are available can be found at https://wordpress.webtheme.illinois.edu.